Should I say “Sorry”


Recently, I have been left wondering, “should I say Sorry?”,  “should I apologize?” because I am not what people think I should be. Because I am not as fit or as thin as what is faishonable or what others percieve I should look like.

The past few weeks have left me questioning, why are people so insensitive?? How does it matter to them wether somebody is thin or obese as long as one is sensitive to others and is a good person? How does it matter whether somebody is a size 0 or a size 12, does it make a difference to who I am??

I am a good human being, a loving daughter, sister, wife and a mother, I am who Iam….I am perfect to whom I matter even with my physical flaws and capabilities. I am a well read educated citizen of the world who abides by rules and takes pride in small small achievment but then why do people act so insensitively.

Why do people judge oh! “look at you, what have you done”, ” What food do you eat”, ” why don’t you workout”. or simply ” you have become fat”. Do they realize even though I may not be hurting them by being overweight but they definetly are hurting my feelings. I do not become insensitive because of my extra pounds.

It hurts and hurts bad!!

Do people think one wants to be phyisically like this, Don’t they think we also would like to fit in smaller sizes or do they think we are lazy enough and enjoy the situation. No one and I feel no one wants to be unhealthy and no one wants to be ridiculed because of physical appearance. I do not think so…

Agreed I am healthy and I have quite a few extra pounds but does that mean I am hurting somebody emotionally or physically? I may not fit into skinny jeans but I do fit in my role as a good human being. I may not be the most beautiful woman but I am the most beautiful sight to my kids, for whom I am perfect.

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  1. How true ! I can assure you one thing you (or anyone else) does not need to be sorry about how they are, AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT TAKE AWAY SOMEONE ELSE’S RIGHTS.Many people are judgmental. Not being judgmental is quiet a difficult thing. They have learned to be like this through society. Many such people even have a problem when others do it to them but when they do it to others, they do not give it a thought. This is certainly Not Okay !

    Sadly, there are many such insensitive and in my opinion, “less educated” people around. If you are sensitive (like I am) It will really bother you. But you have to learn to take things at your stride.
    Don’t have too many expectations from them to change for the better, good luck to them for that 🙂
    The only way one can be happy by the side of such people is that, try and accept that everyone might not be as mature as is required for a healthier society 🙂

  2. Hi We Cognize, I agree with you and am proud of who and what Iam, but still wonder why do not people think of what they are saying and who they are addressing..just wondering..

  3. I love your post. First, I want to tell everyone that It should never be about thin or fat. You should be healthy which means no physical problems. I am a little overweight and my friends are very thin which makes me obese in front of them. But, to be thin they don’t eat properly and thus suffer from one or other disease. They don’t have the stamina to work.
    I love to be thin but not at the cost of my health. And I don’t pay any head to those who judge you on the basis on your appearance. You are the best and you are managing so many things at a time.

  4. You should never apologize. Most of the ppl judging you don’t matter in your every day life. They are not important in your life and just have nothing better to do than be rude. Love yourself, no matter how imperfect anyone thinks you are.

  5. So true! People tend to be very superficial and just look at the appearance, color, features etc they don’t look inside, or even care to look into the character and goodness of the person. As long as we as an individual are fine with how we are and and our loved ones can take us as we are,
    Dont care about others ! 🙂

  6. I love this article.just one thing to share that if you feel good about yourself ,about your looks then no matter what others say,it should not affect you ..

  7. I am in same boot as yours..I mean fat..obese..and could identify with the feelings you have conveyed. People would say one thing or other If you are thing-they would say You are thin and otherwise. But we should be true to ourselves. If we know we are fat because we are lazy or not making proper food choices then we should try to correct it(easier said than done :-))

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