Proud to be a Housewife?? Do tell…..


In today’s day and age, a girl gets good education and works like her male counterpart, and then she gets married and life moves ahead in all other ways but sometimes it puts a full stop to her professional career whether by choice or by necessity.

She becomes a wife, a mother, daughter in law, essentially a homemaker and other responsibilities befell her. She shoulders everything effortlessly, working 24/7, being there for every one,  but somewhere there remains a question mark on her capabilities,  somewhere she has the feeling everyone is looking down on her. Why is it so??

Everything her education, her experience, her qualities go for a toss taking along her self confidence, Why??

When you come across old friends and the first question mostly is, “Are u working” and it is quite embarassing  for some of the women to accept they are housewives, why??

When we meet new people, the almost second question is about work, and the answer housewife bringforths a “oh!”

I myself am a housewife now by choice, earlier by force..and am happy and content since I enjoy being a mother and a wife and a friend and a productive member of society by giving my time to community work. But for some people everything what I stand for negates in front of a working woman, who brings a cheque home and who is supposed to be smart and bright not withstanding her education, career or achievements. The mere fact  a woman is working becomes a big PLUS where as the mere word housewife a big “NO, NO”, why is it so??

Can I myself say am I proud to be a Housewife??

Most of the times I am proud, and confident, I am happy that I am there for my kids when they come home, I am there as a guide and as a teacher for them, have time to be there for my friends, am my husband’s best friend and above all have time and energy to contribute to society, but then comes certain times when  I start questioning myself, what am I doing?? am I really less than Ms. so and so…since I am home. Does my staying home is not good, what am I doing with my education and previous work experience, and the questions start to echo….

But above all I am happy!! Are u??

If you are a housewife, what do u think?? Are u proud, or are u questioning your identity?? This is not a question who is better, working woman or a housewife,  as per me both are equally good since both contribute to their families/ society in their on respective ways, this is it is about the stigma attached with the word “Housewife”, do u feel it?? Do u feel your education is going waste, educating your kids, or are you proud to be home and be a housewife??

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  1. It was a good read, I am a housewife/homemaker/freelance activist/writer….in short life is a mixture of what I like to do and what I have to do, which is same for every one I know of…whether we are housewives or women working in offices life is pretty much the same me the only difference is change in setup.
    As for utilisation of education what I think is how we handle pressures of daily life,the presence or absence of a creative vent and what our choices are when they meet chances, test our eductaion a lot irrespective of where we work.
    on a lighter note when some one asks me where I work or what I do, I say I am a mom,need I say more :-))

  2. wonderfully written article. I know that’s a sensitive area and not everyone is so considerate. As you said in your post “I am happy” that is more important. Self satisfaction and knowing that what you do is your choice and you have mental peace. That is more important.

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