पदचिंह .....कल आज और कल के

Recently, I have been left wondering, “should I say Sorry?”,  “should I apologize?” because I am not what people think I should be. Because I am not as fit or as thin as what is faishonable or what others percieve I should look like.

The past few weeks have left me questioning, why are people so insensitive?? How does it matter to them wether somebody is thin or obese as long as one is sensitive to others and is a good person? How does it matter whether somebody is a size 0 or a size 12, does it make a difference to who I am??

I am a good human being, a loving daughter, sister, wife and a mother, I am who Iam….I am perfect to whom I matter even with my physical flaws and capabilities. I am a well read educated citizen of the world who abides by rules…

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