Some time back I wrote a poem in Hindi titled “Maa”, which means mother. For my friends who do not know Hindi, here is an attempt in English, honoring my mother- who is also my best friend and also little angel- my daughter.

My little, tiny angel

Dancing in the sun

Fell down lightly

And said, “oh! Mum”


She came running

And hugged me tight

And two warm tears

Fell on my cheeks

And my heart cried


What my mom is to me

Both my angels have found in me

My mom’s blessings

Now are mine

To share and to light


Few hands have lost

Their soul and guide

Hiding in the clouds

Are their mums

Watching them alright


My friends,

Do not loose heart

She is their, smiling

Feeling proud,

Looking at you

Living life right


The blessings God gave me

The biggest is my mum

My mom’s Affection

And my motherly love

Hope stays with me forever


My mom’s love for me

And my love for my angels

Makes me shine

To be a daughter

And to be a mother

Makes me alive.


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