Starting a new Journey


IMG_0182Well it might sound, I am travelling to a new place, or on a voyage, but the journey I am writing about is from couch to 10K (6.2 miles) run!!

Actually I have always admired people who run marathons and are runners for their goal and dedication. I have wanted to run since a long time, and so in a moment of don’t know what???,  I actually went ahead and signed up for a 10 K run, not 1, not 5, but 10K.  I might not be sounding coherent, but that’s what I did, without any prior experience or running. To speak mildly,  I am not a runner (:.

I started thinking seriously after gaining a lot of weight back, which I had lost last year, over the summer break . After procrastinating for two weeks, I actually went ahead and registered for the run, paid the amount and set myself a goal. I am blogging this to keep myself true to my goal. Even if I can get half way through I will be happy, ultimate goal is to be fit and healthy and be confident that I can do it too.

And hence I start a journey of 14 weeks to 10k, health, hard work and perseverance!

Week 1, Day 1

Today was day 1, it was hard to push myself to start my first day, but I then did and  went ahead on a 30 mt circuit with walking, running, alternating between the two, completing two miles. By the time I finished, I was questioning myself, why am I doing it?  It was hard but I hope to keep up. Felt tired initially, but then a sense of I can do it overcame.

Join me in my journey, in this virtual world, first few weeks might be boring, since I would be concentrating on catching my breath, but I guess I will be able to tell more stories, share music and experiences.

See u soon, back on my journey…..

love and live life!! Cheers!!

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