Thank You!!


My day started with notes,

And wishes galore,

On my special day

There were lots of calls

Both from home

And across the globe

These are a few lines

To say thank you all

Few words to express my gratitude

Few pearls from heart to say

I am loved and cherished by all

The circle of friends

The strength of my loved ones

The blessings of elders

My heart goes out to say

I am so incomplete without you all 

My better half, my guide

And the two precious gems 

Walk with me side by side

Together with them 

I love and live my life

They are my core

Making me Complete and who I am

These few words are just to say

Thank you to each one and all

And to God, the Almighty above

The most Gracious One, 

Who makes me feel so loved

And touches my soul 

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