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इश्क़ भी इकतरफा, दिल का धड़कना भी इकतरफा,
जो देखा था इन आंखों ने तुझे एक जमाने पहले
वोह देखना भी सिर्फ और सिर्फ इकतरफा
तुझसे बिछड़े, तो टूट के बिखर जाने का दर्द भी इकतरफा

किताबो के पीले पन्नो मैं रखी,
धुन्धलIती तस्वीर से बोलती तेरी आंखों मैं,
मेरे इश्क़ की परछाईं इकतरफा
टूट के बिखर जाने का दर्द भी हाय इकतरफा

इक समय जिस हंसी पर मरा करते थे
जो तुम्हारे लबो से हमारे दिल तक उतर जाती थी
उस हसीं याद से हमारे दिल का धड़कना इकतरफा
टूट के बिखर जाने का दर्द भी हाय इकतरफा

सदियों का फासला तय कर चुका हैं अकेले
न तब और न अब, कह पाए दिल का हाल
वोह दिलो की गहराइयों का अकेलापन इकतरफा
टूट के बिखर जाने का दर्द भी हाय इकतरफा

वोह छुपछुप कर तुझे देखना इकतरफा
इश्क़ भी इकतरफा, दिल का धड़कना भी इकतरफा,
टूट के बिखर जाने का दर्द भी हाय इकतरफा

………………………………..। रश्मि ।



एक कविता प्यार के नाम की, प्यार के अहसास की, प्यार की महक, ख़ुशबू से परिपूर्ण. अपनी आवाज़ में पिरोयी हुई, प्यार के नाम, सुनीयेगा ज़रूर



Ek arsa hua tumhe gaye,

Ek arsa hua hume, jeeye jeeye,

Jab tum the, haste the saath, jindagi bhi ji,

Ankhon se tapkti, tumhari chanchal, hasi bhi pi,

Betahasha palo ko, humne youn guzarne diya,

Bus un lamho ko, dil ki tijori main kaid hi na kiya,

Kehne ko to waqt hi hai, gujar gaya,

Har pal, apne main kai lambi sadiya liye.


Pata hota ki tum chale jaoonge,

To band kar muthi main rakh leti unhe,

Tumhari har chuan ko, rom rom main bher leti main,

Har pyar, har takrar, har shararat, har ek nazar ko,

Dil ki gahariyon se jakad leti main,

Bahut mushkil hain jeena tumhare bin,

In siskiyon main, tumhari awaz sun leti kahi,

Bus youn hi  kuch aur tumhe, jee leti thi main.


Kaash pal do pal, aur tumhara saath hota,

Apni jindagi main, chaar pal aur jod leti main,

Woh chaar pal, jinke sahare, sadiyan gujaar leti,

Khud jeeti aur tumhe murat main utar leti,

Ek halka abhaas bhi hota, ki itna hi saath hamara,

Khuda se tumhe, aur maang leti main,

Duan main tumhe maang leti thi main.


Each and Every Moment


“ONCE UPON A TIME”…..well isn’t it the way all stories start? But so many time so many things happen and the imprint gets logged in heart in such fine way as if it’s today…..so apt would be to start a narration with “EACH AND EVERY MOMENT”.

When I close my eyes, I see “U”, I remember the day when we first met. Nothing major outwardly happened, the world went on its way, but like a true TV serial, the world actually stopped for me in some sense. We all may have moved on with our lives but part of me is still waiting and cherishing you, like in a time warp. With u smiling through your eyes, and me just watching you, spell bound, speechless, as if in a trance. The funny thing is you never realized what effect your smile had on me then and still does. If my silence could speak, it would have conveyed, the ups and downs of my heartbeat.

It was taboo for a girl to propose, it was a wait, a very agonizing wait. Every time you spoke, or just looked in the direction where I was, I willed with my whole being for you to realize “ that you felt the same way, as I did”, what you didn’t realize, was my silent love for you. And when you spoke it were always you speaking to a little girl, not a woman in love. How I wished you could see, the woman I was.

And then you were gone for a long long time. And all that time I carried your picture in my wallet, hiding it from all and stealing  glances when nobody was around  and waited. Only my bestie, my friend knew all and together we shared stories and told all. And finally I threw that picture away. I might not have that picture anymore with me, but I still get that sheer drop of heartbeat when your eyes, your smile surface.

Funny, that you may not be a part of my life anymore, but you still are. We might be miles away, unaware of our places in life, but I still know you through the eyes, that smile and speak, to me even now at  “EACH AND EVERY MOMENT” when I dare to let myself wander through the past.



DAD, Just a three letter word,

But a pillar of strength

Soft and mellow at heart,

But truly a wall of rock.


A guru, a friend

my DAD is my,

Beacon of light

Guiding constantly,

Standing by all times.

Whether Good or bad.


Never seen a tear in his eyes,

Though his heart cries.

For pieces of his heart,

Whenever they take a fall.


DAD won’t let us get lost

Holding his finger,

Walking by his side

Can cross any hurdles

And walk the hardest miles.


His love knows no end

Silent but still so loud

Gentle but still so strong

DAD a three letter word

Like a HUG, always around.